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Youth Horsemanship


Learning about horses is a great way for young people to grow and become more confident while improving social, cognitive and communication skills. Our participants enjoy a small group environment, one on one time with their equine partner, and progressive skill development.

With opportunities for the general public as well as youth who have experienced trauma or unique challenges, we take great joy in bringing the benefits of horsemanship to our community.

Benefits for Youth Participants

Being with horses is an experience many kids are not privileged to.

We see overwhelming joy and wonder on the faces of so many

of our young students as they connect with these beautiful,

powerful, and kind animals.

Beneath the fun and novelty lays a multitude of physical and mental

health benefits that we specifically incorporate for our participants.

--     Self-Awareness     --     Empathy     --     Critical Thinking     --     

--     Patience     --     Mindfulness     --     Compassion     --

These are just a few of the attributes developed through our

one-of-a-kind Partnership-Based Horsemanship approach.

The connection our students build with their equine partner

has tremendous impact on how they view themselves

and how they interact with others -

not just here at Ruby's, but in other areas of their lives as well.

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