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Veterans Horsemanship

Veterans, their family members and loved ones learn about horses and enjoy the many benefits of spending time with our amazing animals.

Open to individuals, couples, families and small groups through one-time experiences or routine and progressive learning opportunities.


In honor of the commitment and sacrifice of the men, women, and families of our veterans community,
and with the generous support of our donors, veteran participation is always at

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Why Participate?

Our veteran participants enjoy spending time in nature and with horses.

But there's more to it than that.

Our unique partnership-based approach incorporates self-awareness, personal growth, and communication skills that are highly applicable

in our everyday lives. Participants experience ENHANCED PERSONAL WELLBEING as well as IMPROVED RELATIONSHIPS at home, at work,

and in the community as a result of our program.


"I enjoyed every minute of it." ~USMC veteran

"This program helped my daughter and my family so much."

~Navy veteran

"I slept better and had less anxiety after my time with Ruby."

~Army veteran

"It's a spiritual experience."

~Army veteran

"I feel accomplished, confident, and a little more self aware." 

Army veteran

"I feel better just standing beside her (the horse)."

~ spouse of USMC veteran

"I feel like I've done something right when I see my child be happy at Ruby's Home for Good."

~ veteran family member

"It has helped me communicate better in my civilian life."

~USMC veteran

Veteran Program Opportunities

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Foundational Horsemanship Course

Core skills are vital to building a safe and progressive partnership between horse and human. Participants learn about horse needs, behavior and communication, then apply this knowledge to basic handling skills and interactions. The result? Both the horse and human feel safe, relaxed and confident as they work together.

Participants attend 8-10 hours of learning in weekly lessons over the course of 8 weeks and receive a certificate of completion.


Foundational Horsemanship Course - Intensive

This option is for those who can't commit to 8 weeks of lessons, but don't want to miss out on the benefits of our program. We condense the Foundation course into 3-4 sessions that each last about 2.5 hours. Participants receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.


Refresh Classes

Once a participant has completed the Foundational Horsemanship Course, they may find over time that they are interested in refreshing their skills and recharging personally through time with the horses. 

Refresh classes meet this need. Participants can sign up on an as needed basis and enjoy the many benefits of time with horses, in nature, and in connection with other veterans.


Support our Veterans

Donations and grants are vital to keeping our veterans program


to those who have given so much in service to our country. 


Cost for two veterans to attend the Foundation Horsemanship Course.


Cost for two veterans to attend a refresh class.


Cost for one child of a veteran to attend the Youth Horsemanship Course.

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