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Wellness Activity

For the whole family!

NATURE BINGO is a great way to get the family outside, enjoying the benefits of being in nature while connecting with each other through a fun shared experience.

Here's how it works:

1 - Print the blank NATURE BINGO cards here: 

2- Have your kids fill in the blocks with common nature items from the 2nd page (or they can create their own)

3 - Make sure to have a unique card for every participating family member

4 - Grab your water, some bug spray, and a writing utensil and head outside, or make a trip to a nearby park

5 - Each participant marks their card when they find an item (no need to move it or bring it home). When you get 4 in a row, yell out BINGO! and give everyone a high 5 or do a little dance

6 - Have more time? Keep going until the entire card has been completed

7 - We'd love to know if you enjoyed this activity! Send us a note or post a picture to your social and tag us

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