There is a heightened and growing awareness in our country of the many challenges that face our service men and women when they return home and transition to civilian life. While valiantly serving to protect the freedoms and safety of Americans as well as the rights of all people in often trying conditions, our military personnel experience tremendous personal strain if not physical and/or mental injury. In addition, upon returning home they are faced with a drastic culture shock and minimal resources to aid in the transition to a “new normal” of daily life – family responsibilities, job seeking, community interactions, etc. The visible and invisible impacts of their time of service can become barriers to a successful reintegration, resulting in isolation, depression or anxiety, frustration, strained or failed relationships, self-medicating, lack of income and suitable housing and more.

Our veterans are talented, strong, resourceful, brave and resilient men and women. They have been tested under fire, and day after day fought to protect and serve. The support of a tight-knit community is critical to ensure the challenges of coming home do not become lifelong challenges.

With over 300,000 veterans in the Greater Houston area and 40,000 in Montgomery County alone, there is a great need to extend a network of support to our military family. We are proud to be a part of the veterans’ community and honored to share the benefits of horsemanship with those who have committed their lives to the service of our country.

Ruby’s Home for Good believes in serving not only our veterans but also their spouses, children, and support systems. We recognize that these individuals have also sacrificed greatly for their loved one to serve, and that the well-being of the family is challenged but also critical for the well-being of their beloved veteran family member.

We ask our veterans community to partner with us to help horses in need, with great confidence that time spent with our horses will provide opportunities to grow in personal wellness. Our organization identifies commonalities between military commitment and our program that will resonate with our veterans, such as being a part of a great mission, serving to protect and care for others, experiencing camaraderie and mentoring peers. Participants enjoy the documented benefits of getting outside and into nature, engaging in physical and recreational activities, as well as the many physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits of interacting with horses.