Our horsemanship program in full swing. Our veterans and their families are reaping the benefits like bonding with our horses, learning new skills and being outdoors.

Being introduced to the benefits of horses is at the core of our horsemanship program. The first visit educates participants in basic communication with horses. Meeting each horse and letting the horse pick you is the first step in the bonding process.

How to approach a horse, get its attention and the “horseman’s handshake” are the first things we learn.

Once your horse finds you we begin the bonding process. We teach each participant what to look for, how a horse asks questions and how to respond. Cues like where their ears are pointing are taught are vital to communicating with your horse.

While many of our veterans and family members participate in the full horsemanship program there are other avenues to pursue. Some just want a new friend to talk to. Quietly bonding with a horse is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

While others prefer doing more physical activity. Helping around the facility is a great way to participate while the rest of the family spends time with their horse.