Ruby is a mustang mare who was born in New Mexico in 2009 as a wild horse and lived freely with a family band. She, like many other wild horses, was captured by the Bureau of Land Management and homed through their adoption program. Unfortunately, many of these adoptions do not result in long term homes, and Ruby ended up in the hands of a Texas kill buyer in May 2017.

The circumstances of the slaughter industry are intensely inhumane. The condition of the horses quickly deteriorates, and many become sick in holding lots. Exposure to multitudes of illnesses and diseases are all too common. When transported, they spend from many hours to days on crowded trucks without food, water, rest, or consideration; many are injured or even trampled during the trip. Upon arrival at the slaughter plant, the cruelty reaches an extreme level. Terrified horses are processed, paralyzed through atrocious methods such as metal bolts or stabbing, and ultimately meet their end.

Thankfully Ruby was saved from this terror; instead, a group of dedicated mustang advocates paid her “bail” and ensured her freedom. She was boarded at a facility near Houston while awaiting her forever home.

During this time, the founders of this organization were busy laying the foundation for Ruby’s Home for Good. When we met her as a potential first adoption, we were so taken with her that we not only adopted her, we named the organization after her! Ruby has proven to be a kind, sensitive, engaging and curious horse, and has thrived in her new setting. We look forward to learning from her and enjoying her great spirit, along with the future horses of Ruby’s Home for Good.

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