Why Rescue?

In many rural communities in Texas and various parts of our country, horse auctions are common events on a Saturday night. Auctions are places where horse owners go to buy and sell personal horses. They are where county-seized horses go to be sold after an 18 day waiting period. They are also where kill buyers go to buy large quantities of horses for cheap, horses that may be shipped directly to the border or that may be sent to lots where they are marketed for rescuers to “bail” at easily twice the cost they were purchased at auction. Horses that are not rescued within a set amount of time are loaded by the dozens for the horrendous trip to the border, following countless others to slaughter houses. The cruelty these horses experience at every step of the way is unspeakable. For most, the first stop of this terrible journey began at the local auction.

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Why the Horse

Many people learn of therapeutic equestrian programs, or even seemingly obsessively committed horse owners, and ask the same question. Why a horse? Common answers include the hard work instilled from providing horse care, the self-sacrifice to put another’s needs above yourself, the self-accomplishment from directing a 1200+ pound animal, the bond that one forms with another species, the apparent acceptance and lack of judgment Continue reading “Why the Horse”